KRONE BIGX 700 - 1100 V1.1.0.1

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KRONE BIGX 700 - 1100 V1.1.0.1


KRONE BIGX 700 - 1100 V1.1.0.1

Here I have for you the crown BigX 700-1100. There the engine range have been inserted and added different tire sets. Furthermore, the prices have been adjusted.
Unfortunately, the steering wheel had to be adjusted because of the dual tires.
In another Mod is also the crown BigX 480-630 and the adapted reapers from me.

X700 - 707 hp
X770 - 753 hp
X850 - 850 hp
X1100 - 1110 hp

Standard tires
wide tires
Twin front tires
Twin tires front and rear
Tape Drive

The Mod ran flawlessly for me. Should at any of you show error, please me share this with.
For criticism I have. But please constructively and objectively.
And now I wish much fun with the mod!
Greeting Landei


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