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Hello All, Here's a nice map for everyone. The buildings and production comes from the map ackendorf ls15. We have contacted the fsm team. Asking if we were allowed to use the buildings and production in our map. The map is built by us. The map ackendorf has a new style. With a new name Hollandsche Flachen. I want to thank the team for the friendly buildings and production. Through the buildings and production, We made a beautiful map. I want the team of Austria Agrar Lohnunternehmen. Friendly thank for testing the map. This team has been tested, the best map for us. We want to give the team a big thumbs up. Follow us: Facebook:

Present in the map: Farm - Grain silo with vehicles barn Farm - Cows, Grain silo, And a straw bale barn Small village with pedestrian / Village in the mountains Traffic BGA - Works on fabriekscript Sawmill - Production Biodiesel - Production Greenhouse - Production Fish - Production SmokyFisch - Production Dairy - Production Eggs factory - Production / with a new product eggsmix Bakery - Production pallets work - Production FSM LOGISTICS - Production Liquid fertilizer - Production Export logistics - Production Brewery - Production Fruit orchard - Production Power plant Shop BayWa - sale of pellets, Grain, Compost, Bio waste, manure, Slurry, Eggs, Meat, potatoes, Sugar beet Buy from the two silos Fertilizer a seed Raiffeisen - sale of pellets, Grain, Eggs, wool, Straw and straw balls Buy / seed There are three water points. Where you can load water. CompostMaster out the map ackendorf seedMaster nice landscape There are 39 fields buyable

Required Mods: Kotte Universal Pack FarmingTablet 2.0.0 FabrikscriptExtension - App Fliegl Flatbed Autoload Have fun with the map LAGroup! Notes: - The map may not be re-uploaded without my consent! - The map may be changed for private! - The mod may be offered only with the original download link to download


Vielen Dank an allen Moddern denen Objekte ich verbaut habe! 

Ich will FSM-Team, wir danken Ihnen für die Nutzung der Gebäude und der Produktion.
Durch diese Bauten, und die Produktion kann. Wir haben eine schöne Karte für jedermann.

Ich will das team des Lohnunternehmen Austria Agrar. vielen Dank für die Prüfung unserer Karte.
Dieses team gemacht hat. Diese Karte ist zu 100 Prozent arbeiten. Wieder, ich danke Ihnen herzlich.


Landbouw & Akkerbouw:

Map by LAGroup / Landbouw & Akkerbouw

Giants Software
Objekte: my7Farmer
Concrete roads: martinbigM500
LiquidFertilizer Lager: Nils23
Schilderset Nick98.1
Strassenset: Fatian
Lichtpaket und Lichtschalter und Leuchtmittel: Niggels
Stone wall and fence pack: robbie
Schweinestall: Rubiks, TheStivala, Silo: Steffen30muc
Pig barn: Steffen30muc
Landhandel: Eifok-team
Molkerei und biogas Design: Farmer_Andy
zwei Gebäude: Farmer_Andy
MilchTrigger, Sägewerk, kevink98
FabrikScript: Marhu
Kuhstall: FSM-Team
Foliagelayer: El Cid

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