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STIFFI 2017 V3.0

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STIFFI 2017 V3.0


STIFFI 2017 V3.0

Hi folks so now it is so far the Stiffi 2017's there.

- Sawmill installed
- second courtyard with miniBGA and hay store
- Weidetore, Rolltor and Werkstatt installed
- Textures for buildings and grain
- Large meadow and forest
- Seed, fertilizer, gas station, halls, mixing station, PigMax2000 installed
- Feed storage, field and storage for seed and fertilizer
- You can sell seeds, fertilizer and pig fodder (please read the map on the map)

Ps. I have only tested the map in single mode

Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.
The yard is larger and has new vehicles.
I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.
I will Stiffi 2017 Map expand ever further!
Look in
MfG LS-Andy



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