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Sawmill V for LS 17

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Sawmill V for LS 17

Sawmill V for LS 17

Plainable sawmill v1.0.0.4
Update: @ 28.04.2017
Night lights
Pallet texture changed (released)
Sawdust waste around Facktor 0.5 reduced.
Fuel converted to straw and the straw plan changed accordingly. (! WARNING! It is only straw as fuel – bales or loose straw)
Invisible item removed (Barrow)
Respawn point inserted (visitor button)

Plazierbares-Sägewerk v1.0.0.4
Nachtlichter eingefügt
Palettentextur geändert (Freigabe erhalten)
Sägespähneabfall um Facktor 0.5 verkleinert.
Brennstoffe auf Stroh umgebaut und die Strohplane dazu passend geändert. (!ACHTUNG! es geht nur noch Stroh als Brennstoff – Ballen oder loses Stroh)
Unsichtbarer Gegenstand wurde entfernt (Barrow)
Respawn Punkt eingefügt (Besucher Button)

The placeable sawmill of Marhu, cultivated with some.
Factory Script LUA Version: / thank u Marhu kevink98 for release.

To or are Attachments:
exchanged Pallettentextur
Height of the sawmill to the ground adapted (with base plate) are therefore not suitable for bulk because it is slightly higher than the bottom!
Fill volume values have been changed.
Wood trigger was taken Higher and Wider now is of manual unloading not unbending more necessary.
To change bottom plate textures I have two settled with instructions.
Angle House (combined)
Shelter barn (original from FS15) !! Caution !! !! not suitable for bulk
Masonry around + Hecke and driveway
little decoration

Sell: at each sale triggers which takes chips.

Who the 4Real Module 03 – Ground Response (ground) has enabled and want to placing the plant on a field should previously Grass saw.
If you do not do this you can see the dirt spraying end of the tire.

!!Danger!! The placement,
it is a little hard to find a place as this object is very large.
Possible placement are currently on the Sosnovka: almost everywhere … most suitable field 31 with driveway to the garden center
The GCV I have not tested but can gladly upload pictures of this.

ps. with a grassy area and some placeable trees around it looks quite Kind of.


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