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CCM MOD V1.1.0.0

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CCM MOD V1.1.0.0


CCM MOD V1.1.0.0

This adds the CCM function to the game.

Changelog (Version
Script reworked to be more performance friendly
CCM can now be load in the train waggons
the silotype will be saved with the filltype name (better compatibility to other mods that add filltypes)

CCM is created out of corn (maize) and will be fermenting in the standard bunkersilos. You can choose
1. fill in grass or chaff
2. fill in ccmraw

after the fermenting process is complete it can be used as Pig food or sell to the market
to choose the silo type when you are inside an empty BunkerSilo and press the button for selection (standard: J). The type will be displayed in the help section.

Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer keiner
Category Other
Author derelky
Size 2.30 MB
Released 27.12.2016


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