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I want to introduce you a mod / idea. A small ferry, so that we can solve transport tasks on the water.

Version 2.1:
Bug Fix - Now you can refuel the Ferry.

Version 2.0:
- Port plates for better dooking
- Water cooling on/off
- Smoother graphics
- Bug Fix (Modul_02 TireDirt)

The mod consists of 2 parts - a ferry, and a port to it.
1. Unzip the file first.
2. The Ferry, in the mod folder.
3. Install the Port using the Giants Editor.
4. Adjust height of waterplan and terrain.

The ferry can be purchased under misc.

To all Map Modders.
The Ferry is 100% free - you can do with it whatever you want.

Two small tips:
- The ground, the waterway, if you want it without tire sound. Then it can´t be asphalt, dirt, field, grass or leaves.
- Enter the Ferry in defaultVehicles.xml, then you don't have to drive over land.
I hope you can use it in your Map :-)

I know this it is not the right solution, so I need help!
I need a script, if the Mod hits the water it does not go under.
A script for swimming, maybe a vechicle type specialization name = floating.
I know there is someone who can do this, so we all can play on the water.
Of course I wood like to hear from you :-)

Script: Heady -
Idee / Konzept: Al_Bundy
Sonstige: Giants

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